Delayed Reaction

There are times in everyone’s life where overwhelming stress induces a sever depression that makes it hard to think at the moment, hard to concentrate on anything in life except the problem that consumes your mind. With a rising number of people that experience mental and emotional issues I can’t use it as an excuse, I rather look at the situation as time for reflection, discovery, and inspiration. I was told to pick a main theme for my blog to follow and I think I finally found it. Tying it into certain topics and ideas will definitely make for an interesting train of thought, and hopefully an interesting read.
More than a week ago I read David Byrne’s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists – and Megastars, knowing I needed to post blog in response to the article, but found myself at a loss of words, or even thoughts to respond with. After a week and a half of gathering thoughts, feelings, and concentration to be able to do just that, I found that I was approaching it all wrong! Instead of responding with a logical post agreeing with what was mentioned in the article and elaborating on it, I decided to go with what I felt about it, the emotion it conjured up in me. And my response will be short, simple, but heart felt. It gave me hope.


When words escspe me, I sing.

I have never been very good at this type of thing, writing my thoughts on paper for people to read, never been very good at expressing myself in spoken words. Being introverted, lost in my own mind, makes it hard for me to get people to understand the idea and feelings behind me. I’ve always been the odd one, the quite one, and speaking is something I don’t do very well, at least I think so. I’ve been called shy a lot in my life, but that’s really not the case. I’m human, and by nature we are social creatures, so I sit back and observe how people interact with one another and wonder why I am unable to interact with people like that, I do get better at it when I’m drunk, but I can’t be drunk all the time! In some ways, I observe others to learn how I should interact with my peers, proper responses and use of body language, ect. I have always had a hard time communicating, and am misunderstood a lot! Makes it harder to want to keep trying to communicate in the traditional method of talking, or more recently texting, blogging, email, ect.

Since I can remember there has been one way I have used successfully to express myself, my thoughts, my ideas, and emotions, I sing. I remember growing up in more rural parts, I would walk our massive property alone and sing to myself, nothing written, nothing scripted, just sang whatever I felt. This is how I wrote my first song. As I’ve grown up, of course, I quit doing it. And through a really messed up situation, I lost all the confidence I had to sing. I’ve been working on getting it back, because my soul is dying. Singing being the only way I have had to truly express myself, without it I am barely existing.


You got mail?

Ever seen that movie? I did, like once, a long time ago when I still used AOL. Thats that corny romantic comedy with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, made in 1998 about the two people that work across the street from each other and couldn’t stand each other but didn’t know that they were emailing each other, and kinda in love, but didn’t know that it was that other person that bugged the life out of them. Ya! That movie! I remember watching it and thinking to myself, ‘hey! They’re using AOL!’ I, of course, used it a lot! I got my own screen name (that was so cool at the time) for AOL when I was 14, back in 1996, not realizing I was experiencing history in the making. So let’s go into the history of AOL for just a minute, and find out how it all started. In 1985, while I was rambunctious 3-year-old, Steve Case and Jim Kimsey started Quantum Computer Services providing online services for the Commodore computers (I loved my commodore). Two years later they started providing online to Apple, and soon to many other computer companies. In 1991, they changed their name to America Online. In the early 90’s they fiercely competed with Prodigy and ComuServe. So AOL dropped their prices and by the end of 1993 had more than 600,000 subscribers. In 1994 (when my dad first got AOL and I got to play with it) AOL began providing access to the world wide web. It was all uphill from there. By 1997 AOL had a whopping 9 million subscribers, and by 2000 their subscribers jumped up to 2.3 million! AOL had their 15 minutes of fame, and since then, we’ve seen their downfall, thanks to high speed internet that doesn’t tie up the phone line! Ah, the memories! Looking back I think my favorite part of AOL was the chat rooms, something else that has practically died! I googled chat rooms and on I saw that someone had posted the question ‘does anyone still use chat rooms?’ And the answers were very similar. Ya, they still exist but ya gotta hunt to find them! I remember when that was all the rage! I would be in 2 chat rooms at the same time, back in the day! Now they are hardly ever used, if you can find one! I can hardly believe the transformation that the entire internet has taken in my lifetime and I am astounded by how much it has taken over our lives! Now you can shop for collectible Star Wars merchandise at home, in your underwear! Wow! That’s all I gotta say. Just, Wow!


You Manifest The Thoughts & The Feelings You concentrate on the MOST!

See ‘comments’ for my thoughts on this!

NieCat - Life Coaching

You Manifest The Thoughts & The Feelings You concentrate on the MOST!

The more you Think about thought (A), the more you feel good about Thinking about Thought (A). The faster you will manifest thought (A).

Thoughts and the feelings good thoughts generate in your mind are really the 2 things you really, really need (let’s not forget FAITH) in order to manifest!

Don’t bother thinking about things you don’t want in your life. You are not responsible for the thoughts that come into your mind. However, you are 100% responsible for the thoughts you choose to entertain.

Thinking & Feeling my way to my Best,

Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach

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I’ve never been much for reading blogs, but the one I just shared I found some deep inspiration from. It reminds me of a book that was all the rage years back ‘the secret’ was pushed with great emphasis on what it could change for ones own life. I never read it, but new many who did and told me about it. what I just shared reminds me of the concept. The power of positive thinking is, in my belief, underestimated greatly! We all underestimate ourself and keep no thought that just the way we think can effect our lives. The thruth is a pessamistic person can have a really shitty day, when an optimistic person can have the same day and turn it into a good day saying only ‘I learned a lot today.’ Character is built through adversity and how you take each day, and the thoughts you keep with you Influence how you are treated. They say you get what you give in life, and it all starts in the mind. No matter how you wanna see it you are responsible for your own life, not always what happens in it, but you are responsible for how you react, and how you react influences how others react to you.

My mind, my thoughts, are all I really can control, as long as I can keep the spirits up life can be whatever I make of it.


This is me.

The question was asked, who am I? Where do I come from, and why am I here? Wrong question to ask a woman, unless your willing to take a seat, get comfortable and listen for a while. At the age of 31 , I got a novel I could write being asked that. But I think I’ll just give a summary; no need to bore the reader. I was born in Roswell, New Mexico on April 14th 1982. Roswell, that has played a large part. What do you think of when you hear that, Roswell, NM? I think aliens! Yep, I’m one of them. Why not? It explains so much for me, I’ve never fit in, anywhere I went. And just saying where I was born, that was enough explanation for the people I knew. But that is not all of me, just the beginning. My life has seen a history of serious mental illness, I was put into a psych ward when I was 8, and have been on countless medications to control my symptoms. I became a mother at 19, and both me and my, now 12-year-old, have been through hell together. At 27 I ended up addicted to drugs, as a result of an abusive relationship, he got me addicted and used it to control me. It wasn’t until I got pregnant with my youngest, she’s 2 now, that I was able to break the cycle. The whole story there is a novel in itself, but it ended with a broken dream, a baby, and a protective order. Enough said. I started back to school to become a veterinary technician when she was 6 months old, and shortly after getting married, and he started at BEAU I found out they had a music production program. So, long story short, that’s why I am here now. I rediscovered my passion and pressured it. On the surface I am shy, and very afraid of people, but I am working everyday to overcome that. So….. That being said, I try to avoid the serious and laugh at anything and everything I can.